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Qomplx :: Cybersecurity and Cloud Technology Marketing


I consulted in the role of creative director and primary writer on numerous marketing initiatives for Fractal Industries (later rebranded as Qomplx). Qomplx is a cloud-native risk analytics platform for cybersecurity, which provides extremely sophisticated AI-enabled solutions for managing, orchestrating and automating cybersecurity operations, risk mitigation, and industrial supply chains.

The platform's users include the world's largest banks, insurers, manufacturers, and more, who require innovative solutions to some of the most challenging data science problems in the business world.

I provided brand strategy and identity, and development of extensive short-form and long-form content for marketing brochures and Web sites. This content is often so highly technical in nature that it defies comprehension by the average reader.


The challenge: make highly complex and technical topics like Cyber-Physical System Graphs, Behavioral Analytics, and Data Orchestration Engines relatable, while telling a compelling brand story.

Mission accomplished. In 2019 Fractal Industries received $79 million in venture capital and rebranded as Qomplx. And in 2021 Tailwind entered into a definitive agreement to combine with Qomplx at an enterprise value of $1.17 billion.

Click below to explore the 12-page corporate sales brochure I developed for Qomplx when it was still known as Fractal. This was one of numerous creative deliverables that helped the company fuel its rocket-like growth from start-up to billion-dollar corporation.

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