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Smirnoff Ice SMASH :: Paid and Organic Social Campaign

With a bold fusion of fruit flavors in every can, and more than seven flavors to choose from, Smash is Smirnoff's most vibrant and colorful ready-to-drink beverage. Our "Full Flavor Unleashed" campaign depicted fruits colliding in bright explosions of flavor, and we brought it to life in paid and organic social media, video, and out-of-home.


When Flavors Collide: Instagram Reel and In-Feed Video

Using motion graphics and static assets created for the larger campaign, I concepted and worked with our in-house production team to produce this dynamic IG Reel to bring the energy and vibrance of the Smash "Full Flavor Unleashed" campaign to life on Smirnoff's Instagram. The Reel uses trending swirl transitions and fast cuts timed to the beat of the music. We also created an in-feed IG video using a fast-blur zoom effect inviting people to "zoom into your next hangout" with the high-energy vibe of Smash Strawberry + Lemon.

Gamification: Instagram Stories

We brought the same dynamic, fast-paced energy seen in the IG Reel into a gamified series of Instagram Stories. On the first frame, viewers are invited to play to see "Which Flavor Will You Unleash?" By clicking to the second frame, they see a rapidly flashing series of Smirnoff Ice SMASH flavors, and they can click and hold to pick one. On the third frame, they are invited to share which flavor they unleashed.

In a second Instagram Story series, we invited followers to search for their "SMASH Personality" in a word puzzle. Later in the day, we posted the final frame revealing all the answers.

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Other Assets

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