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Tableau (a Salesforce company) :: B2B Technology Marketing


Tableau is the leading provider of data visualization software for large enterprise clients. They asked us to develop a campaign to capture leads and grow Tableau's market share in insurance industry.

We began with research and persona development, identifying four key roles within large insurance companies: underwriters, executives, IT managers, and sales & marketing reps. We explored their needs, their pain points, and how they can benefit from better data visualization solutions.

Building on our personas, I researched and wrote a 16-page white paper that spoke to each of the four key roles, positioning data visualization software as a key to their success.

I then developed a digital advertising campaign with four distinct ads targeting each of the key roles. The ads were animated as GIFs and videos for paid and organic social use.

My team designed the white paper and digital campaign in the colorful, whimsical style of Salesforce and Tableau brand guidelines — with organic elements, illustrations from nature, and mascot characters — making a serious topic more relatable.

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