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Zeebo :: Videogame Console Naming and Branding


TecToy, a technology and gaming start-up in Brazil, wanted to create a game console especially for young people in developing BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), where popular game consoles like PlayStation and X-Box are simply too expensive for the average family. TecToy partnered with American mobile chip provider Qualcomm to develop an ingenious new game console with built-in 3G/4G mobile chip technology, enabling games to be downloaded and played over the air.

TecToy asked our team to develop a new name, positioning, and visual identity for the console. We started with in-depth, multicultural market research to thoroughly understand the demographics and psychographics of teens and pre-teens in each of the BRIC countries.

I led an exhaustive multilingual naming exercise, examining hundreds of possibilities before arriving at the playful name Zeebo, which tested well across markets.

We developed an equally playful and whimsical visual identity for Zeebo, and applied it to the game console and marketing materials.

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